Music producer Haring releases a new album, “Blurred”

City Tracks delivers a fantastic full length from label boss Haring entitled “Blurred”, a stirring 12 tracks opus that is the product of a period spent touring, absorbing new influences and probing fresh creative explorations.

The Belgian producer has a wide musical universe that has seen him connect electronic matter with organic substances over the last five years. Bewitching melodies, dreamy rhythms and minimal techno all feed into his productions and DJ sets, which have led to residencies at Kiosk Radio and Pure FM.

“Blurred” is the artist’s second full length and it pans out like an absorbing story as it explores new themes by transforming personal reflections about daily life into music. He says, “I’d been making music on the road for years. For concerts but also for my personal travels. For the first time, I wanted to give myself an unlimited amount of time here in Brussels without travelling or playing gigs. I wanted to see what it was like to talk about my daily life, my city, my relationships, my neighbourhood,… I think I managed to convey all these emotions in this record and to push back the boundaries of what I could produce.” The stunning results undoubtedly represent a stylistic advancement from his previous work.

Haring appeared in a feature on Dave Rave

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