Music producer oblyx releases melancholic song

Song producer oblyx explains the motivation behind his new single ‘Walk On’, “Feelings of despondency after a period of solitude and reflection. Optimism gives way to reality.” His previous single ‘Day By Day’ expresses the early stages of a downward spiral. He has previously mentioned this thought about ‘Day By Day’, “‘Day by Day’ is about the frustrations of spending quarantine alone. The song describes the yearning for the company of a lockdown lover”. 

‘Walk On’ gives way to existential thinking that implies that it is heading into a nihilist direction, especially with this quote, “Optimism gives way to reality…” Echo Room adds their fitting opinion, “Everyone feels alone at one point in their life, but the current global pandemic has strengthened this feeling for a lot of people. Some people like music producer oblyx uses his creative outlet to express his loneliness at this time.” 

They continue, “Everyone hurts and bleeds, no matter who you are in this life. The music producer vents about his defeat to the emotional impact that the forced isolation is having on him, creating a work that is relatable and emotionally raw. “

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