DJ Ka Fu challenges genre in song ‘Red Coffee’

Photographer: Lesha Gorov

Experimental music producer Ka Fu has shared his latest offering ‘Red Coffee’ via Hidden Vibes. The single will feature on Ka Fu forthcoming album Heretic, set for release in October. Ka Fu released his debut album Encoding: Master a few months ago, and has made waves since then, with his live stream performance at Eco-Art Park Nikola-Lenivets and the official remix of Llama’s Dream’s track ‘Rain Catcher’.

Ka Fu adds, “ ‘Red Coffee’ is about questioning things. This follows the overall new album concept – turning to “Heretic” mode.  Nowadays for me, there is just no trust to any official or state structures, their level of hypocrisy is overwhelming, only our own intuition and knowledge matters means we have to spend much more time analysing things and questioning them than ever before. Red Coffee is just about that, it’s about how we tend to name and fix things and then follow them forever instead of questioning the perceived reality.”

Curiouser and curiouser, Ka Fu dives deeper into experimental music production. He has previously mentioned that he does not consider himself a musician, but rather someone that plays around with texture and sound. ‘Red Coffee’ will comfort those in search of a transcending listening experience. 

Heretic Album Track-listing

1. Selflessly

2. Red Coffee

3. The Hope Is Open

4. Raggabow

5. Freezing Vitality

6. Anthropic Tropic

7. Just A Voice (ft. Nina Muse)

8. Beat-A-Porte

9. Traversing Travis

10. Afraid Of A Better Day

11. Hands Holder

12. Beautiful Noize ft. Saughtons

13. Morning With Patrick Melrose

14. Deep & Under

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