Me Not You release long-awaited ‘Already Gone’ LP

Me Not You have released their long-awaited LP Already Gone. The duo have seen considerable success with their previous singles, and finally, the cohesive whole is ripe for the picking.

The 12 track LP runs the full spectrum of emotions, and sees the duo ( Eric Zeiler and Nikki Taylor) channelling their life experiences into their sound.

Nikki gives some insight into the process behind the album: “We spent the first half of 2019 writing and recording the songs for Already Gone. Eric and I disconnected a bit from what we had done prior to the LP and dug into what we were experiencing in life, channelling it into the songs. I had lost my grandmother last summer, a few days before finding out I was pregnant. It was a sad, yet beautiful time and the things I was feeling are apparent in the songs. We made the record ourselves, from composition through mixing, as it was important for us to be able to connect every aspect of the music to our experiences.”

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 Image: Shervin Lainez

Already Gone Tracklist

1. Already Gone [intro]

2. Sun Will Rise

3. Does Anybody Out There Care

4. I Don’t Blame You

5. I Should Know Better

6. Not Fine

7. I Remember

8. America

9. Moving On

10. Hold My Body

11. Keep the Candle Burning

12. Battle Hymn

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