Music Producer Tennyson releases new song ‘Collapse’ from forthcoming EP

Luke Pretty, better known as Tennyson, has delivered a brand new single titled “Collapse”. The second single of his forthcoming Telescope EP via Counter Records, it’s a subtly sweet indie-pop exposé that finds staggering beauty in the unassuming mundane. It also marks another glimpse at Tennyson’s collaboration with visual artist Waneella whose artwork for “Collapse” builds upon the dreaminess of lead single “Telescope” with technology giving way to nature’s organic course. The two artists bonded over Wannella’s ability to channel “every plant growing through the sidewalk, the pylons, road paint, grocery stores” and became a natural fit to see Tennyson’s vision to its natural conclusion. 

 Praised by Vogue for “atmospheres that feel shimmering and subdued at the same time,” Tennyson has carved a sweet lane within the indie-electronic space. With multiple headline tours throughout North America, Europe, and Asia under his belt alongside the critically acclaimed Different Water EP and extensive backing from Spotify to Apple Music in 2019, Tennyson continues to build upon years of dedicated support as he continues the journey on “Telescope” which is out in full globally on November 22nd.

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