Rock/folk band Haunt The Woods has released a new song ‘Supernova’

Cornish ambient rock four-piece Haunt The Woods have announced their debut album, Opaque, out on February 28th, and shared their new single ‘Supernova’ ahead of their headline show at London’s The Islington on November 27th.

Evocative piano chords open the track, accompanied by singer Jonathan Stafford’s haunting voice and accented by stunning vocal harmonies, before leading into immersive and climactic passages which pulsate between ever-changing forms of hushed intimacy and explosive passion, anthemic choruses, and poignant verses.

“‘Supernova’ is a track that steps outside of our normal approach to writing music,” explains lead guitarist Phoenix Elleschild. “It was largely realized in the spur of the moment whilst recording at Middle Farm.”

 Jonathan Stafford continues, “It asks a lot of questions and offers no attempt at answers whatsoever. It is an awe-inspired capitulation of searching and trying to fill the deep emptiness we all have floating beneath the surface.”

‘Supernova’ is the latest single to be taken from their upcoming debut album, Opaque, following ‘Elephant’, ‘Amethyst’, and the beautifully cathartic acoustic video for ‘Fly’, released last month. Throughout the record, Haunt The Woods push the boundaries of musicality, expression and emotional sentiment with an eclectic collection of euphoria, melancholia, and reflection interwoven across thirteen tracks of absorbing sonic landscapes.

Jonathan explains of the album: “Drugs, alcohol, money, status, clothes and material possessions mask and help with the symptoms, but the problem still remains. We are all going to die and we are atoms contemplating atoms. All of this universe has come from somewhere, and it’s pretty fucking daunting and hard to get your head around.

“Opaque, as our first album, has been a unique and unforgettable experience for the entire band. The studio created a world that exists separately from normal life, where the sole focus is to exercise and explore musical creativity. This contributed the ‘spur of the moment’ writing style that created Opaque, and the four of us, guided by our incredible producer Peter Miles, had never been so creatively energized.”

Blending sounds from alternative, prog, folk and pop and channeling influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, Muse, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver, Haunt The Woods have crafted a distinctive sound, glistening with ambient swells and underpinned by expressive rhythms and masterly songwriting.

The band released two EPs, The Line and Circle last year, and have performed at festivals including Glastonbury, Boardmasters and Port Elliot, as well as performing sold-out shows at London’s Old Blue Last and St Pancras Old Church and supporting a range of artists from the likes of Sunset Sons to KT Tunstall.

Haunt The Woods appeared in a feature on Chill Music

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