Following on from the spacious, glacial electronica of previous single, Opaque Crater, March 2021 saw Ritual Cloak release their latest track, White Noise. Written from the perspective of a close friend of the band before they passed away, and drawing on real-life conversations, the track marks the first introduction of lyrics and vocals (Daniel Barnett) into their sonic arsenal. Woven seamlessly into their traditionally synth-based approach, these new melodic textures work symbiotically with the track’s inherent, bittersweet gravity.

Amidst the darker weight of the subject matter and lyrics, White Noise also evokes an ever-burgeoning cocoon of light, offering some calm amidst the chaos. Initially built on the backdrop of arpeggiated synth strings and heart-wrenching vocal melodies, the track swells and evolves unexpectedly over its four minutes. This culminates in an almost triumphant progression of minimalist techno beats that boldly carves out the path forwards, only reaching its full power when each element is conjoined to the next.

The track was completed just a couple of days before the untimely death of their friend, Chris, who was its inspiration. Given he was such a big supporter of the band, it’s a massive shame he was never able to hear it. Naturally, it is dedicated to him.

Divine Invasions’ will be released via Bubblewrap Collective on the 7th May, 2021

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