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The past two years have been chaotic thus far, but the Spanish composer Pablo Bolivar provides minimal techno wonders that will calm the mind for the duration it’s played. His latest single ‘Dusk Light’ via Seven Villas is one of the wonders that will leave you breathless with its tranquillity and invigorating energy. The composer worked on this track with promising music producer Ben Preisinger, giving room for the fellow underground producer to shine. The single will feature in Pablo’s bigger picture, the Framework Of A Dream album which is set for release on the 21st of May. In the meantime, while we await this forthcoming release get caught up in ‘Dusk Light’s escapist haze.

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We chatted with the one and only – Pablo Bolivar below.

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Sum up your year so far in two words.

Improvised weeks.

Tell us more about how your latest/upcoming release was conceptualised?

I had a lot of time to work in the studio during the quarantine. But the concept of the album came when I was in the garden of my father-in-law’s house surrounded by trees and beautiful summer flowers. I decided to create an album that gathers both ambient and techno, and that is “Dusk Light” and the whole Framework Of A Dream album.

 ‘Dusk Light’ differs from your previous song releases of this year, it sounds more ambient. What was the aim with this release?

During the last few months, I have been enjoying a lot of classic deep techno from the 2000s. With ‘Dusk Light’ I wanted to reflect that spirit of classic deep techno but with modern production. We can call it ambient techno, especially for real deep connaisseurs.

Describe a typical day in your studio space.

I need to be in a good mood with fresh inspiration, then I turn on all the machines and start to jam around with melodies. Then a spark appears and the magic goes on.

 How did Ben and yourself meet, and what made you decide to work together?

Our relationship started online, he sent me some tracks to mix and master. Then one day we met in Budapest, his city. Since then we are in contact for collaborations from time to time. We are vinyl collectors, that’s why I had the idea to work on a vinyl EP together. We started four tracks but at the end, I decided to include them as the main part of my album Framework Of A Dream.

What are the most important pieces of equipment for you?

A comfortable chair and good monitor speakers.

Describe what an ideal day would be for you?

Tasty breakfast, a productive morning in the studio, a great picnic meal spending the afternoon on the beach with my girls, and finishing the day in a warm evening – listening to fine downtempo and drinking wine in the garden.

Do you have a favourite memory of your career so far that you will take with you forever?

The Tokio parties with my Japanese friends, I would love to repeat again!

Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

The culprits are Sensual Physics and Moritz Von Oswald.

What can we expect from you in the near future? 

More music for sure! I will start a new album with my hero Joerg Schuster.

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