The long-anticipated wait is officially over for MOGAN’s video for their second single, ‘Hireth’. The ‘Hireth’ single is included in their album Gutter(24th April 2020) via sinc(x) Records. MOGAN has been placed in several features thus far, including Music Week, God Is In The TV Zine, and airplay on Walya’s Act Normal show for Noods Radio and Razorblade the Tape. They have also performed at multiple festivals; The Swansea Fringe Festival(LGBTQ+ line-up), The Forte Project, and Safe Gigs For Women.

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Another performance MOGAN is proud of is sharing the stage with DIY punk outfit Hotel De Mari, they have previously mentioned an interest in the DIY punk and Queer Punk communities. MOGAN regularly attends underground music events within their surroundings. A MOGAN performance is a sight to behold; at all times, expect beautifully bizarre costumes and deliciously off-kilter movements from MOGAN

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MOGAN explains their video, “The video for Hireth explores the parallels between passion and aggression of the male form. I’d initially wanted to remain off-screen for the video, but Jesus had other ideas and sent floods to Wales meaning our actors couldn’t make it. Luckily Patrick Bethell is a good friend of mine so didn’t mind getting close and personal! Some might say it was my plan all along…”

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