Photo Credit: Guilhem Canal 

In a saturated pool of electronic music, renowned music producer Joris Delacroix still manages to divide himself with vibrant textures that grasp your attention instantly. His latest song ‘Need Your Attention’ with DJ CEBB does that and more, it follows a sonic journey that should all make sense in the months to come. Joris previously shared the deep melodic house song ‘Early Hours’ which featured the vocals of top collaborator and vocalist Run Rivers.  Drum Thud gave ‘Early Hours ft. Run Rivers’ release their stamp of approval hours after the tack went public.

Stream / Download: ‘Need Your Attention’

Both Delacroix and CEBB originate from the magnificent country of France, which has delivered some of the biggest acts in the music industry. Both honing their crafts through the years through experimentation and perseverance, these real-life friends have been feeding each other with creativity and thinking outside the box. ‘Need Your Attention’ grabs the listener from the first few seconds to the final moments no matter the number of times you have listened to it. The track has a lot of shock value and the song title is well suited. 

Whether you are a house, techno or experimental music fan this latest offering from these two acts is sure to be a fitting addition to your respective playlists. Not too far from house and not too close to experimental, this track manages to be a banging listen nonetheless.

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