Ambient jazz saxophonist NiftySax a.k.a. Milo Lombardi has shared his double album Spheres today via Legato Music. Comprised of a whopping amount of 55 tracks, this will be his biggest project to date. Ahead of its official release, NiftySax also sold Spheres as an NFT which sold out in an impressive 10 hours.  

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Spheres 2 on SpotifyiTunes 

An immersive experience, each track features warm electronic embellishments and comforting saxophone notes throughout. Made available as an Instagrat, featured track ‘Proxima Centauri’ calls the listener to join NiftySax on his sonic journey to self-discovery. The saxophone dances with the listener’s ear waves and caresses their soul with its rich harmony.

Album track ‘Proxima Centauri‘ features on the Spotify playlist

‘Hadar’ takes a bolder approach, with its orchestral flair that sounds like a tribute to someone that was loved dearly or a beautiful moment in time. Although a bit more rigid in approach in terms of the saxophone arrangements, the track still maintains its sweet spirit like the rest of this work. 

‘Toliman’ is a whimsical delight, light and airy NiftySax has the gift of playing with his sound however he deems fit to his expression. Already such a colourful range of tones and soundwaves, one can already determine that this album has multiple layers with a core message – life is beautiful with all of its complexities. 

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