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A drifter, composer & label head Panoram used various methods like opting for cafes instead of studio space to produce his latest album Pianosequenza vol.1. The album features the hypnotic video release ‘Sequenza 6’, which displays a mirror effect of two eyes making direct eye contact for the duration of the video.  The album sees the producer play around with ambient sounds and textures to create a piece of work that can easily be classified as a whimsical listening experience. With a newfound flair for peculiar piano arrangements, the music producer has seen support by renowned musicians such as Travor Jackson, DJ Harvey, Eclair Fifi and Veryniceandsleazy in recent months. 

We chatted with Wandering Eye label head Panoram below.

Tell us more about how your latest/upcoming release was conceptualised?

The idea was to start a series of albums exploring different takes on piano music.

I was living in New York and touring the States with Amen Dunes (after co-producing his latest album Freedom). So I really didn’t have the time to be around a real piano for a long time. This is when I decided I would write the music on my laptop and figure out the recordings later. I realized immediately that it didn’t make sense to write only things that I could actually play later, so  I pushed the whole idea towards something that was way more electronic oriented and I started writing wanting to make something that didn’t sound natural. I liked the contrast of having the most common instrument playing weird arrangments. It came naturally to decide and start a series of recordings because I wanted to explore the idea further and also leave the door open to different approaches. It was great fun as I think it’s kind of refreshing to stick to one instrument only sometimes. All ideas came out during these 30 minutes sessions I was having every day. I would enter cafeterias near closing time and work with my headphones. I was used to working in studios and I think that kind of uncomfortable situation was the key to pull out what I wanted. Later I moved to Los Angeles and having the music written, I had to feed it to reproducing pianos and record it.

Describe a typical day in your studio space.

I started travelling a lot 3 years ago, and am still drifting around. So no fixed studio at the moment.

What are the most important pieces of equipment for you?

I am very fond of my Korg MS20…I think it sort of showed me the way.

Describe what an ideal day would be for you?

I would like to be on a train for a whole day.

Do you have a favourite memory of your career so far that you will take with you forever?

I think the night I opened for Autechre in Rome. Will never forget that.

What can we expect from you in the near future? 

I am working on some new music but can’t really say what I am going to make with it. 

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