Image credit: Javier Alonso

Ever have days when you let the mind think about lush summer fields with the warmth of the sunrise lingering around you? You hear peaceful chirps and see the tiniest forms of life moving around the grass. You also feel the urge not to rush and just soak in that moment of peace and tranquillity that exists in simple occurrences like these. The perfect album to accompany this experience would be minimal electronic producer Pablo Bolivar’s latest album Framework Of A Dream released via Seven Villas.

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In a conversation with Reverbs (read interview) the composer shared: “I had a lot of time to work in the studio during the quarantine. But the concept of the album came when I was in the garden of my father-in-law’s house surrounded by trees and beautiful summer flowers. I decided to create an album that gathers both ambient and techno, and that is “Dusk Light” and the whole Framework Of A Dream album.”

A lover of nature and travel Pablo explores the sounds that he encounters on his travels amidst a minimal techno landscape. The album dabbles with ambient qualities at times, making the mind feel peaceful and revived within minutes. Each track follows its own narrative without words. Perfect for the free thinker or one that needs to clear a clouded mental state.

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