Photo credit: Mixed Up Archive

The cassette edition of Deaf Youth by label head Danilo Betti in his April Clocks guise is available to stream and purchase. Made of a bunch of recordings he made during the Mixed Up record store years in the city of Rimini and now finely remastered by Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare for a perfect pitch black audio trip never heard so damn good before. 

Armed with synthesisers, drum machines and various pedal effects units, Betti channels a late night noir drone saga, and expands his trademark reverbered chords and broken drums to the blackest, shoegazing industrial of Seefeel’s Succour era, Alessandro Cortini’s experiments with ambient and the classic minimal, glacial noise atmospheres by Pan Sonic – just with an extra spike of romance and, we’d say, typical youth persistence. 

“Deaf Youth” is now available on its proper tape format, and this precedes the forthcoming album by April Clocks due out on Spring/Summer 2021.

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