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Produced via CP Records, Jazz band ISQ presents ‘At The Seams (Emmanuelle remix)’. This remix, like many to come, will feature on ISQ’s album Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes, set for official release on the 21st of May this year. ISQ is an award-winning alt-jazz quartet who has decided to rework their previous album release, collaborating with multiple noteworthy music producers of our time. 

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The band shared their appreciation for Emmanuelle on socials prior to the release, “Super happy that our next release features this lovely lady, Italo-Brazilian DJ EMMANUELLE! We’ve know each other for ages, since our late teens in Milan, when we would drink aperitivo and talk about music. Now a producer and DJ, her cool, lo-fi sounds have been been played on dance floors all over the world.”

Emmanuelle’s spin feels like you are in a slow dance with yourself. Not your typical lively jazz house single, it is best to savor this song in the more quiet parts of your day. This reworking is simple, tasteful at times drifting to more ambient soundscapes. An easy listen indeed – best enjoyed in solitude.

Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes

01. We All Bleed (Wolf & I Remix)

02. Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix) 

03. In My Bed (Dave Gale Remix)

04. Stone (Kmodo Remix)

05. At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix) 

06. Panic Room (Bruce James Remix) 

07. L.A.S. (Urchin Remix)

08. Orbit (Richard Sadler Remix)

09. Paper Doll (Remo Remix)

10. Little Girl (Dave Gale Remix) 

11. Loving A Stranger (Vince Pope Remix)

12) Run To You (Slovo Remix) 

13. Where Beauty Lives (Naadia Sheriff Remix) 

14. Lost Where We Belong (Bruce James Remix)

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