Suzanne Ciani is an American musician, sound designer, composer, and record label executive who found early success in the 1970s with her electronic music and sound effects for films and television commercials. Her career has included works with quadraphonic sound. She has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best new age album five times. Her success with electronic music has her dubbed “Diva of the Diode” and “America’s first female synth hero”.


 SØNTH collective is a feminist music collective, based in Copenhagen, founded by Cecilie Penney & Sofie Søe. They are artists who create current and experimental synthesizer-based music.

15 waves for CIANI


Excelsior – potential Act

Thea Nyboe – waves : my lullaby

Julie Østengaard – April’s Blizzard

ALOO – Najade

Cecilie Penney – Part 1 : Hope

Anna Lidell – The spice of Uncertainty

Ingefred – revenge of the introvert

Anna Sharifi – Unbrace

Mari Ruisseau – Viola in the sky

Hannah Shneider – Mikado

Elara – Follow

Annælix & Raymonde Gaunox – Juno at sea

Slow Ammo – Leaving shore

Ayo – tuning the inner

Rome in Reverse – See things through your eyes


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